Prophetic Words

Pat Holloran


"You have proceeded to bring forth from the womb of your spirit man a treasure that in this birthing is for the land to proceed into a stand for me that will now cause other incubations to bring forth new birth as well. For in this season I am, by My Spirit, moving into the lands that will not only honor My Spirit but allow Me to create good gifts that are for men. For I have called this house to be a place of honor to one another. And while it has not always happened in the past, it is important to know that I will have My ways with those who are to be in this holy house of worship, adoption, and family. For in the leaders of this movement, I have prompted a fathering heart to move into existence that will bring the ones who are orphaned into becoming sons and daughters. For this will be one of My centers of adoption that will encourage those who have been alone, who have been without spiritual parenting, who have loved My Son but denied fellowship with the brethren, to accept that I will have a very large family! For I AM He who is going to have an Ekklesia rise up. And they will be My people who want more than seeing an awakening. They will join in and come to the awakening that I, the Lord, have been waiting to have occur.

And I will see in this family, psalmists who will orchestrate My vision to carry sound and to impart the seed of worship into the fertile soils of people's hearts and spirit man. And in this sound, there will come forth purity, hope, and perseverance. Do not look for a perfect sound, but for a raw music that will allow My Spirit to be Lord in this place. And the freedom will be brought forth. This is a place where musicians will discover that I have a demand of righteousness in their lives. Words of life, melodies of vision, and a house that will outdo one another in showing honor to one another. I will direct the paths of those who will minister with the stringed instruments, who will give forth a sound of the horn, and those who will hear and know My heartbeat and present it in percussion. And I, the Lord, will come and dance among you as the identity of everyone comes into knowing that it is Christ in them, the hope of glory.

This place will be a right place where prophets of My mantles will come and deliver My true words. For this ministry will be a place where discernment will arise of My words, and you will see a real fruit come forth that will remove false announcements, as well as, soul announcements. And the true prophets will come and be willing to serve the leaders of this home. And in this I will reveal the true secrets that are for the body of My Son today. Because of a real honoring by the serving prophets, I will give the revelations to the leaders that will bring forth the need of My Table, of My Heart, and of My welcoming. For this house will be an advance guard who will scout out the lands of this region and in this there will come forth a strategy and a tactical body, that will align itself with others who are like-minded. For I the Lord will demand only My words to come into the atmosphere. So know that as you rise in knowing the words that are truly from Me.

You must watch as those of the young generations come in who are not as others may expect. They will not be prim or acting proper. They will walk in defiance of the norm of culture. And yet, I see in them an important unit that will establish My heaven, My culture, My society on the land. As you accept them, you will grow into bringing heaven to this earth. And it will be with great joy that they will bring their friends. And then their families shall come in to be a part of the family that I have desired for this region.

This military fortress is to be an equipping center, an education outpost for the training of an airborne element that will go to the heavenly places and come back with purpose of prophetic intercession, outreaches to the communities, and armor-bearers that will announce to the apostles of this place to do what is in their hearts, for the armor-bearers' hearts and souls are for the leaders. And I will use this for removing the uncircumcised giants of the land away from My people.

I am a covenant God and I know when you lay down and when you arise. Come with Me into a great adventure that will deliver many destinies into My perfect will. Arise Saints of the Most High! For I am truly for you!!!"